Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Egg Medallion

Last time I went on vacation with my family, we bought these small cake tins with removable bottoms. I'm actually not sure whether they're for making cakes because the bottom is pretty loose, which will allow the batter to leak out easily. It could be for individual bread rolls, but they're only ~5 cm wide and 4 cm tall and I only have four of these, so it would be a very small bread recipe. This morning, I used these as egg moulds to make breakfast today, and it worked quite well. Take a look!

The removable bottom cake tins. I just put them upside down (as in the picture above) on a hot pan and slipped a raw egg with some cheese and pepper into the small whole at the top. 
One large egg fits perfectly into tins this size: 5 cm diameter, 4 cm height. Since I used a non-stick pan, I didn't use any oil. I was reminded to be careful not to scratch the non-stick coating with the tins by my mom, and the rounded edges of these tins were perfect. After removing the bottoms of these cake tins, I placed them upside down on a hot pan, and allowed 30 seconds for the cake tins to heat. In the meantime, I whisked an egg slightly with some black pepper and shredded cheese. Once I was sure the pan and cake tins were hot, I poured the whisked egg into the upside down cake tin and waited.

This is how it looked when I turned the tin onto a plate after a few minutes. The hot aluminum tin evenly distributes the heat from the pan to the sides of the egg medallion, which allowed the whole egg to get cooked. 

A sprinkle of very finely chopped red pepper, and some green fruit and veg (avocado and cucumber) makes a pretty and tasty breakfast. 

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