Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cereal made from Scraps

Just because you're busy, doesn't mean you should skip breakfast, right? I know cold cereal is affordable and much easier to buy than make, but sometimes they get boring. This morning, as I was about to pour myself my 2639th (approx) bowl of corn flakes, I realized the time had come to roll up my sleeves and make my own cereal.

I understand most people decide to make their own cereal out of health concerns (allergen-free, preservative-free). Today, I made cereal just to have fun. These are made from leftover store-bought products: frozen pancakes, frozen waffles, and tortillas.

  • 2 frozen pancakes
  • 1 frozen waffle
  • 1 whole grain tortilla
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
Cut frozen pancakes in half and slice horizontally to open up pancake like an english muffin (easiest when frozen). Then cut into small pieces (whatever size you wish your cereal to be). Do the same with the waffle and cut the tortilla into small pieces as well. Toast in a skillet on medium heat and stir regularly to prevent burning. When pieces become golden and crispy, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon onto the pieces and toss in the pan. Allow the pieces to toast for a few more minutes so that the sugar melts and sticks to the pieces, and the pieces become even more golden and crispy. Transfer contents from skillet to bowl and enjoy your homemade cereal. You can allow your cereal to cool before consumption, or pour cold milk into hot cereal to take cereal to a whole new level. (Makes 2 servings)

Sliced and diced frozen pancakes

Whole grain tortilla pieces

Toasted tortilla. I tried to toss the sugar out of the pan at first, but that didn't work so I added it back to the pan. 

Ready for breakfast!

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